Getting started adding more veggies into your current meal rotation can be intimidating. I spent years avoiding the kitchen for two reasons:

  1. I didn’t believe I had the skills to make food that was palatable, much less delicious.

I would love to hear YOUR reasons for not cooking for yourself (post in the comments).

Here’s the truth. Both of these beliefs were preventing me…

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What you think about yourself is reflected in the mirror.

That means that if you can change what you think about, you can change what is reflected in your mirror.

In the 1950s, a plastic surgeon named Maxwell Maltz noticed that his work improving his patients’ faces didn’t always have the life-changing, positive effects he anticipated it would have. Every so often, he would complete a nose job or repair a scar for a patient, and post-surgery, the patient would complain that nothing changed. He would show them their “before and after” photos, point out the dramatic improvements, and the…

Kicking off Monday Centered, Focused and Ready for Anything

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How do you feel about Mondays?

I know, there are people out there who LOVE them. “It’s a brand new week!” they say. “It’s another opportunity to change my life!” they say. They begin the week fully charged after a weekend of resting and relaxing.

While I don’t hate Mondays, I generally don’t come rushing into them ready to take on the world. I’m more of a mellow-Monday kind of woman. I try to gather my thoughts and make a plan for the week. I tend to see Monday as a…

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“I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis? That’s great!”

This is not something you would expect to hear your client say with enthusiasm when you own a fitness and nutrition coaching business. When you’ve been doing everything in your power to lose weight, and nothing is changing, it may be a sign that you have a medical issue that nutrition and exercise won’t fix.

Seeking help from a Personal Trainer, Nutrition, or Health Coach can also help you recognize when to take it a step further. That’s what happened for my client, who I’ll call Tracy.

Tracy originally came to see me because…

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“I can’t do that!” she exclaimed when we first met. Six month later she said, “I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner.” Believing in myths about what healthy people are like can prevent YOU from being your healthiest.

In my career as a Personal Trainer, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Coach, I’ve heard many reasons that people struggle to take care of their health. I’ve also listened to some wildly untrue assumptions about why people are healthy and why they’re unhealthy.

Here are the top 5 myths I hear all the time and how you can use them to propel you forward.

1.Healthy people love to exercise and go to the gym.
Most healthy people I know do NOT love going to…

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“OMG! I can’t take it. Not for another minute!” I sat down and gingerly detached the strappy, silver 4-inch sandals from my red, swollen feet. I had suffered long enough. The pain in my feet was bad enough that I finally gave in and changed to the ballet slippers I had stashed in my bag.

There comes a point in our lives when the pain of staying where we are, doing what we’re doing becomes so great that we must do something to change it. Before we get to that pain point though, we will wallow in a place I…

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What’s the best way to beat an illness, germ or virus? Keep your immune system fighting strong. These four simple steps will help keep you healthy no matter what crud is floating around through the air.

Note, this article is meant for general information and will not cure anyone’s compromised immune system.

1. Eat more fruit and veggies. Fruits and veggies have the vitamins and minerals you need to kick your immune system into high gear. There is no single “magic” fruit or veggie, but the more you eat them, the better off you will be. Here’s the best part…while…

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“I just have to do it.”

“I’ve been avoiding it for more than six months.”

“I know what I have to do. I don’t know why I’m not doing it.”

“It’s almost done. I just have to do it.”

I had a conversation with someone last week that drove home how much our beliefs dictate our behavior. I’m sharing the conversation with you because sometimes we don’t recognize what’s holding us back until we see it in someone else.

I’ll call her Barb (name changed). Barb is one signature away from completing paperwork that would help her move ahead with…

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You’ve done it! You made the commitment to being healthier and changing some unhealthy habits. and you’ve accomplished your goals.

Now what?

Yes, you get to sit back and enjoy feeling great and looking great. Do you have to be vigilant and monitor everything you put into your mouth? Should you keep doing what you’ve been doing? To some degree, the answer is yes.

In your journey to better health you have changed some habits. …

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“I just need a little motivation,” she said as we sat sipping coffee and deciding if we should work together. She had over 50 pounds she wanted to lose, she was on medication to reduce her blood pressure and she was recently diagnosed as pre-diabetic.

A motivational meme wasn’t going to be enough to tackle what was really going on for her.

“I know what I need to do, I just don’t do it,” is what you say when you think about making a change in your life.

So you go to your favorite social media or you google “motivational…

Ginny Grabowski

Chief Inspiration Officer at The Women’s Wellness Academy, creating healthy minds and bodies.

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